WeCook Kitchens Restaurant

1 East Main Street, Plano IL


From Our Menu

  • $25.99

    10 pc wingettes Order

  • $28.99

    Cajun fried catfish and shrimp Order

    Cajun seasoned and battered fried catfish and shrimp

  • $26.00

    Whole Chicken(BBQ) Order

  • $25.00

    Whole chicken(Jerk) Order

  • $24.50

    Jerk Chicken plate Order

  • $24.98

    Cajun Chicken Plate Order

    Chicken marinated in Cajun seasoning consisting of a blend of salt, garlic, red peppers, smothered, baked or grilled. Comes with a side of corn bread, rice, steamed cabbage or mac & cheese

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